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Constructivist Meet-Up Series


Prende il via da giovedì 3 settembre una serie di incontri organizzati sulla piattaforma Zoom per supplire alla cancellazione dovuta alla pandemia del Congresso PCP di Barcellona. Siete tutti invitati a partecipare! Questo è l’annuncio di Harry Procter. Di seguito il programma.


Dear Colleague,

As you will know, we have been preparing a series of talks and we are now ready to begin! Attached you will find the Programme for the period of September 2020 through to March 2021. We are very excited to have such a good range of topics and excellent speakers from both within and outside the Constructivism/PCP community.

We have tried to choose a time of day that will allow colleagues from across the world to participate in the series. Apologies to those who will need to attend in somewhat unsocial hours! Please put the sessions in your diaries, especially those that has a topic of particular interest to you. You will be sent a link to the Zoom system that we will use the day before each session. If you want others to join, please be sparing with this and only give this to people known personally to you and ask them not to share it further. They should then apply to have their email address added to the list (Name, email address to harryprocter20@gmail.com.

The sessions will be conducted through the Zoom system which some of us have professional access to via their universities. We are all learning how to manage this and hopefully will soon learn to iron out any technical glitches that may occur.

After the main presentation we will organise the audience into small ‘break out’ groups of 5 or 6 people in each ‘room’, initially on a random basis. You will then be able to feed back or ask some questions for the final discussion.

The series will finish in March 2020, before the deadline for the Padua PCP conference, which we are anxious to promote.

With best wishes,

Harry Procter

On behalf of the Meetup Committee: Luis Botella, Sandy Burbach, Chiara Centomo, Jeannette Hemmeck, Mike Mascolo, Jelena Pavlovic, Harry Procter